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  • adv. In a toothsome manner.

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  • In a toothsome manner.


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toothsome +‎ -ly


  • Let's add Contagion to the list, an end of the world movie that feels like the tone of The Birds has been transfused into a 70s retro, time-honoured disaster-movie structure, then toothsomely flavoured with the riotous paranoia of the same era.

    Contagion is the latest change in Steven Soderbergh's chameleon career

  • "Mmm … Francis Bacon?" says Kate Winslet to Jodie Foster, leafing through a coffee-table book devoted to the master of the cramped interior and the silent scream, "cruelty and splendour, chaos and balance …" Later she will vomit violently and at considerable length all over this same book but for now, she's offering a neat summary of the virtues of Roman Polanski's toothsomely claustrophobic Carnage, from Yasmina Reza's stage play.

    Roman Polanski's Carnage is a joyously unpleasant film

  • All his art is self-portraiture while his pseudo-radical groupuscule, the toothsomely named Party of Dynamic Erection, is camouflage for the knock-kneed terror that its members – Wick, Irwin and Nipple Warner – all feel in the presence of women.

    Eunarchy in the UK: George Harrison's first movie

  • Jeff Green for The Wall Street Journal How did we pick this trio out of the dozens toothsomely described in City Center's advance publicity?

    Taking a Chance on Vegas's New Spots

  • Frankly, I, at any rate, gave myself a fair margin before the pinch should come again, and Mistress Waynflete averred that she had never in her life before eaten so much or so toothsomely.

    The Yeoman Adventurer

  • But, to employ a figure of speech, the fly-paper beckons to the insect toothsomely, and, thinks he; 'Shall I give it a try?

    The Gentleman from Indiana

  • In Colorado she had known men whose fortunes came over night, "millions and millions," as she told Isabelle, rolling the words in her little mouth toothsomely.


  • So make yourself sweet, and lovely; and your surroundings the same; and let him find the household ready to receive him; and dinner or supper promptly, and toothsomely prepared.

    A Manual of Etiquette with Hints on Politeness and Good Breeding

  • While my usual chocolate-covered rendition is rich, moist, and toothsomely dense, his is


  • AND the Sony Ericsson Orange Bafta host is … rustles envelope from PR company … looks up … looks down … smiles toothsomely … buckles knees slightly … places hands on lectern and leans forward to give shot of cleavage … (get on with it!)

    Anorak News


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