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  • Atatürk, Kemal See Kemal Atatürk.


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  • Scarcely anyone thinks the LDP will emerge with a simple majority of seats; the only question is whether they will come close enough to strike a deal with any of the smaller opposition groups to put them over the top-and most analysts think even that is unlikely.

    Turning Up The Heat

  • Likewise, it was higher among top-and middle-performing first-line supervisors than among those whose performance was low Dunteman & Bass, 1963.

    The Bass Handbook of Leadership

  • Of course, Mr. Zuckerman owns a newspaper-which he's again thrown into upheaval with editorial changes at the top-and one could argue that by working together really, really hard, the combined forces of the Daily News and New York could vanquish the forces of the Post and Time Out New York.

    Dogs Go to Heaven; Cindy Adams' Jazzy Had It Here in N.Y.

  • This indicated that there was room at the top-and that some old, tired titles might find their Council seats and Ministerial offices taken by those who had been languishing in their shadow.

    Storm Breaking

  • So she turned her Farsight to the top-and there, at last, was the shelter she had been searching for.

    Winds Of Fate

  • His supply of hay, he saw, would not last until the top-and the rain would catch them anyway.

    Centaur Aisle

  • Now they were higher in the mountain range, nearing the top-and they rounded the crest, and the landscape leveled, and lo! it was only a larger foothill.

    Blue Adept

  • "All you people move on into the main top-and leave those toothpicks behind."

    City of Baraboo

  • At seventy miles an hour, it whined like a spinning top-and rattled Amanda's kidneys like dice in a box.

    Another Roadside Attraction

  • Well, although I served several years in industry at both ends-the bottom and the top-and while I have had certain intimate connection for a considerable time, with government in civic administration, most of my working life has been spent as a soldier and I am, basically, a soldier and my approach to situations and problems and persons is still and remains that of a soldier.

    A Soldier Looks At Business


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