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  • n. A boot having a high top; specifically, one having the upper part of the leg of a different material from the rest and separate from it, as if turned over, or designed to be turned over.


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  • He took up first my top-boot, and then the shooting - boot — in looking at which he gazed with wonder at the nails; — and then he glanced at my feet, measuring them with his eye; and after this he pronounced his opinion.

    Tales of all countries

  • By the stove a soldier in a coarse shirt with a necktie and black trousers, and with one top-boot on, stood blowing the charcoal in a somovar, using the other boot as bellows.


  • Their descendant, the top-boot, has reformed itself wonderfully, and nearly all the inconvenience has been got rid of.

    Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 57, No. 357, June, 1845

  • To revert to the old buckskin: it is a perfectly respectable, useful, and satisfactory affair for the purposes to which it is now applied, and worn with a stout top-boot, and thrown over the side of a gallant horse, has no superior in the world.

    Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 57, No. 357, June, 1845

  • He was a ragged little rascal, as tall as a top-boot, with his forehead hidden under a strange yellow mop of hair.

    The Substitute

  • His top-boot sank quickly through the yielding crust, and the black subsoil rose with oily, sucking action, 'and his foot was immediately buried out of sight.

    The Story of the Foss River Ranch

  • They had long since risen from the moleskin and top-boot stage in Leaping Horse.

    The Triumph of John Kars A Story of the Yukon

  • I took the knife quickly from my pocket, and stuck it into my top-boot.

    Jewish Children

  • He wore a quiet uniform tunic almost hidden by black braiding, a pith helmet which had seen brighter days and likewise fouler, and the leg that he threw over his horse's head was cased in riding trousers and a neat little top-boot of brown leather.

    From One Generation to Another

  • Fashion dictates that ladies 'top-boots should be as high as those worn by men, which is very absurd; because they are not seen, and the hard, unyielding leather of a high top-boot pressing either on the breeches buttons, or on the under part of the right leg is apt to cause great pain and discomfort.

    The Horsewoman A Practical Guide to Side-Saddle Riding, 2nd. Ed.


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