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  • n. The state of being top-heavy.


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  • Even foundations with built-in sunsets (the Gates Foundation has a 50-year spend-down) are not necessarily protected from administrative top-heaviness.

    The Best Way to Really Give Away Money

  • Similarly to the Barbie franchise, making girls and women believe for decades that the perfectly-proportioned body would be one that would make a real woman keel over from top-heaviness, one cannot help but wonder what young girls and tween-girls are thinking when they see these images.

    Archive 2009-10-01

  • At least someone out there knows how to avoid top-heaviness in at least one important way.

    Afstan: Romania one of the six doing combat

  • The picture somewhat exaggerates the top-heaviness of the benefits because the bins widen as you move right.

    May 2003 ~ Angry Bear

  • A second strand of reform would aim obliquely at the top-heaviness of corporate bureaucracies.

    FAT and MEAN

  • But all these stories do not by themselves establish that the problem of corporate top-heaviness is being addressed.

    FAT and MEAN

  • By the 1980s, many observers were beginning to note the obesity of U.S. managerial structures—their top-heaviness, their inertia, their flab, their redundancies.

    FAT and MEAN

  • Apparently reflecting the top-heaviness of U.S. corporations and the extensive supervision of middle-level managers and supervisors, the Hay Group found in a broad 1988 survey that “the attitudes of middle managers and professionals toward the workplace are becoming more like those of hourly workers, historically the most disaffected group.”

    FAT and MEAN

  • This surfeit of high-ranking officers reflected a top-heaviness that existed throughout the SFOR coalition, starting in Sarajevo, where the headquarters for an entire corps had been set up to command the equivalent of a mere division.

    Peace is Hell

  • It strengthened the top-heaviness of the Centuries by removing the modifications to this body which it had undergone during the early days of the Republic.

    The Grass Crown


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