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  • n. The sawyer who takes the upper stand in a saw-pit. Hence One who holds a higher position than another; a chief over others; a superior.
  • n. A person of consequence or importance; a prominent person.


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  • 'Mend this axle, me man, 'says one on 'em -- a top-sawyer be the looks on' im -- 'mend this axle, and quick about it. '

    The Broad Highway

  • "He'll be top-sawyer soon of you two, and carry all afore him," added jocular Mr. Tubber.

    The Mayor of Casterbridge

  • "I won't praise the doctor's wisdom till I hear what sort of bargain he's made," said the top-sawyer.

    The Woodlanders

  • The despicable thing in this Hubert Eldon is that, having got money once more, and in the dirtiest way, he puts on the top-sawyer just as if there was nothing to be ashamed of.


  • 'But,' said I, still more confused, '"The King is the top-sawyer," according to our proverb.

    Lorna Doone; a Romance of Exmoor

  • "I'll marry a top-sawyer," he used to say, whenever his uncle broached the question of his settlement in life.

    M. or N. "Similia similibus curantur."

  • "In this house, sir, for the last fifteen years I've been top-sawyer of the female gender."

    An Old Man's Love

  • A part of the machinery is always above this deck; where the connecting-rod, in a strong and lofty frame, is seen working away like an iron top-sawyer.

    American Notes

  • I have recorded the death of my foster-sister Mary; but, about this time, the top-sawyer, wishing to perpetuate the dynasty of the Brandons, began to enact _pater familias_ in a most reckless manner.

    Rattlin the Reefer

  • Brandon was a top-sawyer, but, as three out of the six working days of the week he was to be found with a pot of porter by his side, pipe in mouth, and the skittle-ball in his hand, it is not surprising that there was much misery in his home, which he often heightened by his brutality.

    Rattlin the Reefer


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