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  • n. Plural form of topee.


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  • For Cannadine these include accounts of public rituals, such as durbars (elaborate and brassy British-organized ceremonial meetings of Indian princes); the medallions, cummerbunds, and befeathered topees that adorned both colonial officials and their native ruling partners; and the honors, awards, and titles of byzantine complexity which the British bestowed on those partners.

    A Bit of Bunting

  • When the film came to that section when the beleaguered garrison could hold out no longer, across the horizon came a few dozen topees piping "Over the seas to Skye", some short-muzzle Lee Enfields saying, "Cor blimey", and some gay young sahibs with punkah wallahs in attendance. '

    Funeral In Berlin

  • They show Dr. Schweitzer and his helpers wearing solar topees — long since abandoned by everybody else, except some of that class of Africans known as 'migrant madmen' — and fondling pelicans in the middle of a chaotic and artificially-preserved medical slum.

    The Schweitzer Legend

  • "Keep wearing your topees," we were told, "harmful rays can penetrate the awnings."

    Coming of Age: 1939-1946

  • By this time we had changed into our tropical uniforms and this did nothing to improve our appearance; our cork topees were reminiscent of those worn during the Boer War and were probably surplus to that conflict.

    Coming of Age: 1939-1946

  • We had to be initiated into the ways of desert life; topees to be worn at all times in the sun, shirt sleeves rolled down and slacks to be worn after 6pm when it was the mosquitoes turn to be around and about, copious amounts of water to be drunk and two salt tablets taken daily.

    Coming of Age: 1939-1946

  • Jim and I spent weeks and weeks out in the sun wearing the pith helmets that had now replaced our cork topees, getting browner by the day as we toiled away with plane table, tripod, sighting rule and chain (well, we didn't have a chain but we managed with a 100-foot steel tape), gradually building up a map of the camp to our superiors 'satisfaction.

    Coming of Age: 1939-1946

  • Men shouted and waved their topees, or shouted and performed equestrian gymnastics, and the jockeys _en masse_ cursed their masters 'presence, and the more or less mythical value of their respective mounts.

    Leonie of the Jungle

  • English girls in solar topees (the pre-war F.A.N.Y. headgear), as I think we were to see him.

    Fanny Goes to War

  • That was the joy of dressing up in the true tropical kit worn at Mudros; brown brogue shoes; pale brown stockings, turned down at the calves; khaki drill shorts, displaying bare knees; khaki shirts open at the throats, and with sleeves rolled up above white elbows; our topees, and no more.

    Tell England A Study in a Generation


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