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  • n. A fanciful style of mural decoration, generally consisting of landscapes of a very heterogeneous character, resembling those of the Chinese, much used in ancient Roman houses.


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  • There are loads of psycho-sociological reasons that just the Eighties dystopia is seen as all dys and no topia, but comparing decades is so pointless, let's leave it at this: like every other artificially bracketed era in New York history, the Eighties were fine.

    Peter Mehlman: 80's New York

  • As a filmmaker and someone who works with a computer all day, my time in the sky, riding a bus, walking down the street, and sitting in a cafe are reserved for observing the world around me or escaping the techno-topia that many people have fooled themselves into believing is the real world.

    Logging On and Tuning In at 40,000 Feet - Bits Blog -

  • As more cities start to realise the benefits of using technology to improve areas as diverse as healthcare, education and crime prevention, we are beginning to edge closer to a more socially inclusive e-topia

    Using technology to improve society

  • In fact, I'm getting ready to read his story "Me-topia" in Rich Horton's Best of the Year Anthology.

    Book Spotting: The Blade Itself & River of Gods

  • According to this charge, then, Plato's ideal constitution is a nowhere-utopia (ou-topia = “no place”).

    Plato's Ethics and Politics in The Republic

  • The choice of Sen. Clinton for State more so reflects a desire to know what is perceived as the hidden: something about former President Clinton's travels throughout philanthro-topia, the collection of foundation-bound money from numerous non-American and very Middle Eastern sources bothers the President-elect.

    Charles D. Ellison: The Predictable President

  • Utopia or dystopia; is there a word for a -topia where baldness is an issue, where kids get frustrated with their parents, where one waits in long lines to renew a drivers license?

    Late summer morning at the Goldenrod

  • On the first Taste page, back in 1998, we registered our judgment on MTV's "Spring Break" -- "a 24-hour bimbo-topia."

    Taste Turns 10

  • Oh and because it's shaped like a topia, not a sphere.

    Archive 2006-06-25

  • The reality is that mom-n-pop businesses were killed when we decided to turn a perfectly fine, walkable, neighborhood into a damned auto-topia.

    Home Depot Seeks 4th store on San Fernando Rd!


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