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  • Toplofty.

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  • adjective humorous, dated Haughty, hoity-toity, superior.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

top +‎ loft +‎ -ical


  • "Who'd have thought that 'toploftical' young miss, with her airs and graces, used tobacco?

    The Youth's Companion Volume LII, Number 11, Thursday, March 13, 1879

  • Polly her most "toploftical stare," as the girls called it.

    An Old-Fashioned Girl

  • I was very toploftical, Anthony -- and was prepared to read her a sermon on the duties of a doctor's wife, when all at once I had a vision of myself in that rosebud organdie.

    Glory of Youth

  • It had a head that was a cross between an intelligent antelope and a rather toploftical baby rat.

    Kit of Greenacre Farm

  • I suppose they're well enough, but their pictures look a little toploftical, and I'm not over fond of that kind.

    Half a Dozen Girls

  • "Yes," said every one of the men, only seeing the old gentleman, "but he's too toploftical to live" -- or something to that effect -- and then they would forget all about it till the companion's opera glasses leveled in the same direction, brought the conversation around to the old topic.

    Five Little Peppers Grown Up

  • As the voice of the American has retreated from his chest to his throat and nasal passages, so there is danger that his contribution to literature will soon cease to imply any blood or viscera, or healthful carnality, or depth of human and manly affection, and will be the fruit entirely of our toploftical brilliancy and cleverness.

    Birds and Poets : with Other Papers

  • Jim was very toploftical to Miss Lily for several days.

    A Little Girl in Old New York

  • a few days of toploftical strutting around town, and a pussillanimous crack or two over the back-garden fence at my birds, they went away again, to the home of this New York cousin, carrying Georgiana with them to spend the summer.

    A Kentucky Cardinal

  • Don't you get superior and toploftical with the boys when they come, because every last one of them is the right sort, and they're expecting to find Gilead folks waiting for them with open arms from what I've told them. "

    Kit of Greenacre Farm


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