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  • n. Plural form of topman.


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  • “‘When the topmen clear the raffle with their clasp-knives in their teeth,’” she quoted at me; and for the rest of the afternoon we made merry over our labour.

    Chapter 34

  • As good as his word, he and the topmen had managed to steep all of the stored masts and restore the yards and rigging in the past two weeks, despite blizzards, low temperatures, lightning storms, surging ice pressures, and high winds.

    The Terror

  • Chief Petty Officer Harry Peglar was captain of the foretop on Terror, chosen leader of the carefully picked topmen who worked the highest rigging, topsail, and topgallant yards in blaze of day or dark of night as well as in the highest seas and worst weather the world could throw at a wooden ship.

    The Terror

  • The topmen were aloft, ready to drop the high sails.

    Sharpe's Prey

  • Sharpe followed the Captain's finger and saw that one of the footropes that the topmen would stand on when they were furling the sail had parted.

    Sharpe's Trafalgar

  • He bellowed at the topmen to start climbing, then took a speaking trumpet from the rail and hailed the First Lieutenant who was making his way forward.

    Sharpe's Trafalgar

  • That evening, when the last boats had delivered their passengers and baggage to the convoy, the Calliope's Bosun shouted for the topmen to go aloft.

    Sharpe's Trafalgar

  • "She'll see us before we see her, " Chase said, meaning that the rising sun would silhouette the Pucelle's topsails against the horizon, and for a few minutes he considered rousting the off-duty watch to help the topmen bring in everything above the mains, but he reckoned the loss of speed would be a worse result and so he kept his canvas aloft.

    Sharpe's Trafalgar

  • A dozen topmen scrambled up the ratlines and edged out on the mizzen yard to haul in the spanker.

    Sharpe's Devil

  • The topmen had furled the sail and the Kitty was swinging back again.

    Sharpe's Devil


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