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  • n. A quantum number of quarks & hadrons, determined by the number(s) of top quarks & antiquarks present. Symbol T.


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  • There followed much rejoicing, as well as speculation on the possible carrot-topness of the unborn in question.

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • The 'over the topness' of parts of the film only serve as comic relief to tamp down the dreadfulness that indeed IS the average VA hospital … and the way your average vet is treated by the VA.

    Web Advertising and Website Marketing - By Rob Scribner

  • Just Cause, on the other hand, had a weird 'lock-on' mechanic that was also no so inviting, but I was enjoying the over the topness of the game enough to stick with them a bit longer.

    Joystiq [Xbox]

  • The over the topness quality of the action scenes (eg. the opening scene, the end scenes, all the explosions) the hollywood satire

    Trylobyte's Corner

  • February 16, 2009 at 8:37 pm i agree…i liked the first one but idk this is looking way over the top…and what i hate about the bay over the topness is that im sure the robots will destroy shit but for some reason i dont see humans ever die

    Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Trailer Online | The Movie Blog

  • Short, that is, not just with respect to with the “topness” of his status as Clinton’s adviser, but also short in terms of his geographical scope since it appears his brief will be confined to the Gulf and Southwest Asia — regions in which, contrary to the press release’s words, he has very little, if any, direct experience.

    Ross Gets An Appointment But Maybe Not Quite the One He Wanted « Blog

  • Perhaps the “over the topness” didn’t come through in the photos, then.

    Your Creation Museum Report « Whatever

  • 'screeching / screaming' or whatever else the ignorant ear calls his high range, no emo look, no over the topness. Today's Latest Headlines


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