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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of topple.


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  • And Skulpin, who had dragged me down, shot with a pistol from where he lay, and Ligoun toppled and fell, as an old pine topples and falls in the teeth of the wind.


  • When he topples over the cliff and breaks into tiny bits it looks like the end.

    Recommended reads: ages 5–7

  • So suddenly, Arab freedom has taken precedence over Israel and Palestine—or so says the much-maligned Arab Street, as it topples one tyrant and challenges the next.

    The Great Myth of Palestinian Statehood

  • Finally the jar topples, spilling the cookies -- then -- at last!

    Irene Tanner: How to Train Your Ego

  • He rises and offers a half wave, a resigned move, like he topples his king at the end of a brutal chess match.

    Miracles, Inc.

  • The Kremlin has long accused the U.S. of using its promotion of democracy and human rights as a cloak for its real interests as it topples governments in the former Soviet Union and—more lately—in the Arab world so that it can install more friendly rulers.

    Kremlin Resorts to Anti-Americanism

  • As she topples sideways Felicity catches her, and she wakes.

    Over the Moon

  • He gives me a good mighty shove that topples me backward onto my bed again.

    Angry Young Man

  • He topples over onto the hood of the car, landing on his shoulder and the side of his face as if that one arm just completely quit working for him.

    Angry Young Man

  • The oven door topples off of its hinges as she kicks and climbs out.

    Destroy the Evidence


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