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  • See topsy.


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  • Just because we know and expect our lives will be topsey turvey because of the military doesn't suddenly make us emotionally impervious to those changes!

    The Angry Stage of Deployment - SpouseBUZZ

  • Just as my good friend, a verteran and highly respected psychologist, tells me that when he took his first NLP training, it completely turned topsey turvey everything he had previously believed to be true and revolutionized his process from one of longterm hit-or-miss slow talk therapy to very effective highly accurate rapid changework.

    Life of Brian:

  • The whole house sha'n't be turned topsey-turvey for a baggage like that. '

    Gladys, the Reaper

  • Eminent among these was Benny Briggs, for if you looked high enough, you could see him any day with a balancing pole in his hand, walking on the ridge-poles and fences, or making of himself all sorts of peduncles and pendulums; bringing about in his own individual person the most astonishing inversions, subversions and retroversions, and the most remarkable twists and lurches and topsey-turveys and topplings-over.

    The Little Gold Miners of the Sierras and Other Stories

  • Come out, says Laotse, from all this moil and topsey - turveydom; stop all this striving and botheration; give things

    The Crest-Wave of Evolution A Course of Lectures in History, Given to the Graduates' Class in the Raja-Yoga College, Point Loma, in the College-Year 1918-19

  • Yet at length a solitary suspicion seemed to find its way into his topsey-turvey cranium.

    Jamie Parker, the Fugitive

  • One wou'd think there were a kind of Fatality in Liberty, since scarce any Body can meddle either with the Word or the Thing, but they turn all topsey turvey.

    'Of Genius', in The Occasional Paper, and Preface to The Creation

  • We tried to organise it this year, but our lives are turvey-topsey, bisy backson with barely a chance to sit down and have a cup of tea.

    Confessions of a Cardamom Addict

  • a time of topsey-turveydom and fierce contention and by and by everything gets shaken together again in the form of a Republic, wherein the street-boys and shopkeepers are not a whit better off than they were under a monarchy -- they become neither peers nor gentlemen, but stay exactly in their original places, with the disadvantage of finding their trade decidedly damaged by the change that has occurred in the national economy!



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