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  • n. A coarse, loose-textured bobbin lace


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Borrowed from French


  • The foie gras is formed into a torchon, which is then frozen and finely shaved over the top of fresh lychee nuts and a sweet, crunchy brittle.


  • A while ago, when England largely supplied herself from this district with the lace called torchon, it was not unusual to earn five francs a day; and five francs in Monastier is worth a pound in

    Essays of Travel

  • _ -- Special kind of torchon edging, with one edge scalloped.

    Textiles For Commercial, Industrial, and Domestic Arts Schools; Also Adapted to Those Engaged in Wholesale and Retail Dry Goods, Wool, Cotton, and Dressmaker's Trades

  • Two years later, Bertrand Tavernier turned "Pop. 1280" (yet another thriller about a murderous sheriff) into "Coup de torchon" and set it in French Equatorial Africa.

    Time for Jim Thompson to Be Famous Again

  • The $1500 price of admission included foie gras torchon with baby arugula, Vermont suckling pig with drunken Heirloom beans and sour orange marmalade and roasted lamb stuffed with Swiss chard and lemon confit (burp!).

    The Transom

  • “Despardieux, milor,” said the Chevalier, “if he had stayed one moment, he should have had a torchon — what you call a dishclout, pinned to him for a piece of shroud, to show he be de ghost of one grand fanfaron.”

    The Fortunes of Nigel

  • She tried telling me that the famous nineteenth-century torchon lace was superior to Honiton if properly made.

    The Vatican Rip

  • Miss Celandine, by no means a bad-looking young lady, wore her best black jersey, buttoned at the throat, over her cambric body, her best piqué skirt, trimmed with torchon lace, her white silk mitts, and her blue-and-white bonnet.

    Lippincott's Magazine, November 1885

  • Bien sûr, depuis le papier toilette en passant par le papier torchon, également pour allumer ma cheminée car c'est un excellent combustible ...

    Entretiens / Interviews / Entrevistas

  • It is very quickly done, and can be used for toilet-covers and mats (these should be edged with narrow torchon lace), night-dress cases, aprons, comb-bags, and a number of useful articles; it is much admired, and always sells well at a bazaar.

    Little Folks (July 1884) A Magazine for the Young


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