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  • adv. In a tormented manner


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  • Jealous, puritanical, and tormentedly ambitious — suffused with the egomania of the self-loathing — Chase flogged himself toward success ( "I almost despair of ever making any figure in the world") in the kind of diary that Lincoln didn't keep.

    No Ordinary Tome

  • And these seesaw assurances echoed tormentedly across the ocean.

    Left to Die

  • That he had been jealous blindingly, achingly, tormentedly jealous of his cousin had been one thing and bad enough; that he should have physically wanted to punish him, to destroy him almost, because of that jealousy had been another.

    Yesterday's Echoes

  • She had been sixteen, that was all still a child in so many ways, and yet still woman enough to grieve tormentedly for the life that was lost, for the child she would never now hold, for the ache within her that came from the emptiness of what she had lost.

    Yesterday's Echoes

  • "It's none of your business how it affects me!" she declared so fiercely, so tormentedly, that the attention of a quarter of the room was turned on them.

    Dance Of Desire

  • The voice that answered the challenge was young, high-pitched, tormentedly afraid and desperately urgent.

    One Corpse Too Many

  • And he thought, and wished he had not, of that young man fretting his feet tormentedly among the leaves, and flinching from Sioned's trust as from a death-wound.

    A Morbid Taste For Bones

  • And he was rubbing his hands together slowly, continually, tormentedly, trying to get rid of Duncan's blood which Mrs. Mack knows in her sleep is still there.

    No Great Magic

  • The Lord Mayor's hands tightened on the staff; he was struggling tormentedly with himself, in vain.


  • His head was thrown back, and his brows worked up and down tormentedly.



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