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  • n. Obsolete form of tormentor.


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  • Then, last of all, the hangman, that was his tormentour, sat doune upoun his kneis, and said, "Schir, I pray yow, forgive me, for I am nott guiltie of your death."

    The Works of John Knox, Vol. 1 (of 6)

  • And this tormentour wolde not once knoweledge he had done amisse, but had rather playe the starke mad man, then confesse his faute: and yet agaynst such is not taken an accion of euyll handlyng, neither hath the rigoure of the lawe anye power agaynste suche huge crueltie.

    The Education of Children

  • Then this tormentour began fyrst to complayne, he wrote to hys father to take awaye hys sonne as sone as could be, and that he had bestowed as much phisicke vpon him as he coulde, but in vayne vpon the chylde that was paste remedye.

    The Education of Children

  • But that tormentour deaffe with feruentnes, made no ende of his bochery, tyl the chylde was almost in a sounde: Anon the diuine turninge to vs, he hathe deserued nothynge quod he, but that he muste be made lowe.

    The Education of Children

  • Put also to thys, the tormentour hym selfe almoste more to be feared then the verie punyshemente, hys eyes lyke a serpente, hys narowe and wrythen mouth, hys sharpe voyce like a spirite, hys face wanne and pale, hys head roulyng about, threatninges and rebukes suche as they lusted in theyr anger: a manne wolde haue thought it a furie out of hel.

    The Education of Children


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