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  • n. See tourniquet.


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  • The other article (not for the squeamish) on the .pdf, speculating why torniquet-induced (ischaemic) numbing was not considered for use in pre-anaesthetic amputations is also interesting.

    Making Light: A job like any other, a life like any other

  • Rất may, người nào đó có những torniquet-su-strap-thingamagig ra cánh tay của tôi, nhưng không phải trước khi một nửa áo của tôi đã được phun máu. »2008» Tháng

  • Watched her chat and pull a little satin pouch from under her bed and use the phone cord as a torniquet to wrap around her arm for her drugs.

    lily-white Diary Entry

  • "We wrapped a jumper around his legs and used a leg rope as a torniquet," surfer Eddie

    IOL: News

  • Since a torniquet is probably the only thing that will enable a victim who was stung on an extremity to survive, most victims probably never make it to the Emergency Room.

    Jakarta IMC Newswire

  • After tightening and releasing the torniquet several times, the venom is probably trapped in the swollen tissue; thus the emergency is over, for the body can then handle the toxins via its elimination systems.


  • In regard to putting a torniquet on a snake bite, understand that it is supposed to be loosened every ten minutes or so.


  • Snake bit kit (includes tweezers, pump and torniquet. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at


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