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  • adj. Resembling or characteristic of a tortoise; thus frequently slow or unhurried


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tortoise +‎ -like


  • I am more and more convinced, as I watch the Vichy dems and the calls to back the party no matter what this fall, bc otherwise we have more unimpeded GWB — while at the same time the party leaders publically commit to unimpeding GWB in an rush to appeasement that makes an ambulance chaser who at least waits for the accident look tortoiselike, that we get the leaders we tolerate.

    Firedoglake » Late Nite FDL: We Can Be Heroes

  • Beside her, Mr. Song appeared pitifully sad in his tortoiselike way.

    Heaven Lake

  • Whatever it was that had made her father eccentric, tortoiselike, had been tempered in his older daughter, made female and softened into an expression of beauty that was tender and generous and still somehow hugely potent—the welling up of a vibrant inner life.

    Heaven Lake

  • Let Hersh deal with the busted door, nattering to the locksmith about how he, tortoiselike, had progressed so far beyond the Weinstein hares.

    Butchers Hill

  • For a fleeting second she again remembered, with guilt and against her wish, the tortoiselike, slightly pendulous pouches of Stiarkoz, the doughlike sinking of his flesh when touched.


  • But suddenly you remember Macgillivray: and at the thought of that wrinkled mahogany mask, that out-thrust lower lip, those gimlet eyes, shrubby eyebrows, grey lichenous whiskers and tortoiselike neck, you know that you are powerless.

    Try Anything Twice

  • Then with ungainly, tortoiselike movements, he arose.

    The Lamp in the Desert

  • The same fear that drives him to uncommon diligence and scrupulousness, it seems to me, also makes him tortoiselike on the bench and insipid on the rostrum.

    Chicago Reader

  • But its tortoiselike scan speeds were the slowest among the apps we tested.

    PC World

  • The pace becomes even more tortoiselike when a defender is nearby and your player starts automatically guarding the ball.

    GameSpot's News, Screenshots, Movies, Reviews, Previews, Downloads, and Features


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