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  • n. Plural form of torus.


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  • Take equal parts Merzbau and your choice of roadside amusement park -- Rockome Gardens, for instance; add a dash of Gregor Schneider for some kick and a dollop of Teletubbyland; mix all that in a Target® Michael Graves bowl; throw in one or two Richard Serra toruses if you'd like.

    Archive 2006-03-01

  • In place of trees there were the gigantic cascalarians, whose solid transparent toruses of silicon dioxide were alive with miniature ecologies of their own.

    Sentenced To Prism

  • If they have not attempted to intercept us by then, we will jettison the engines, the solenoid toruses, and all other external devices, and enter Martian orbit with passive countermeasures hiding our location.


  • Orphu of Io had installed himself in his crèche on the outer shell of the ship behind the ten solenoid toruses and in front of the sail-cable struts, and was connected to the bridge and the submersible by every sort of voice, data, and comm link imaginable.


  • But what is a-thick shaft of gray metal, planted in the sand, central to a labyrinthine skeleton of straight and curved girders, between which run still more enigmatic structures embodying helices and toruses and Mobius strips and less familiar geometrical elements; the entire thing some fifty feet tall; flaunting at the top several hundred thin metal plates whose black sides are turned toward the sun?


  • The magnet leads were connected, and a coil, in the form of two toruses intersecting at right angles enclosed in a form-fitting relux case, had been connected to the heavy terminals of the relux plate.

    Islands of Space

  • The show consists of four large new steel works: two 'torqued toruses' (2007), a straight flat piece called (after the Portuguese poet and author) Fernando Pessoa (2007-8), and a labyrinth called Open Ended (2007-8) installed successfully after a mess at the steel mill and some frantic last minute cleaning. - Business News

  • Surface tension then pulls the rings into smooth toruses.

    The Gadgeteer

  • Obviously this can be improved, the app only draws three toruses.

    Francis Shanahan[.com]

  • Where Pivar had toruses and drawings that reminded me of ballon animals, Fleury seems to believe development proceeds by swirling forces spinning about in the embryo, and gives us fictitious diagrams like this one.



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