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  • n. Plural form of tossing.


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  • "tossings" to and fro of their King, aggravated by the studied neglect of all the previous Remonstrances of the Scottish Commissioners and Estates on this very subject?

    The Life of John Milton Volume 3 1643-1649

  • The pony did not like it, sometimes so successfully resisting with spread, taut legs and mutinous head-tossings, as to overcome the jerk of the ropes, and, at the same time wheeling, to fall heavily on its side or to uprear as the pull on the ropes was relaxed.


  • And thereafter, with dozings and cat-naps and restless tossings, I struggled to win to sleep, then gave it up.


  • My nighttime tossings and turnings vacillated from bus bombings and other scary items from the daily news cycle to worries about my son's coping in a preschool where he didn't speak the language.

    An insomniac learns to make the most of getting the least sleep

  • I don't know about you, but the tossings, turnings, and churnings today seem to be more than familiar.

    Dr. Cara Barker: Fact Or Fiction? Michael Jackson, Sotomayor, And What To Do When You Don't Know What To Believe

  • Such sentences as “His world exploded,” or “She turned on her left side,” as they subsume the proper technological discourse of economics and cosmology in one; of switching circuitry and prosthetic surgery in the other, leave the banality of the emotionally muzzy metaphor, abandon the triviality of insomniac tossings, and, through the labyrinth of technical possibility, become possible images of the impossible.

    Infinite Summer #7: Is ‘Infinite Jest’ Science Fiction? « Gerry Canavan

  • And I am full of tossings to and fro, unto the dawning of the day.

    Clarissa Harlowe

  • Outbreaks of loud speech came up the staircase; he heard the old stones of the castle crack in the frosty night with sharp reverberations, and the bed complained under his tossings.

    Lay Morals

  • Feller gives some numbers: In 20 tossings, the probability that the lead never passes from one player to the other is about 0.352.

    Gambling Runs « Climate Audit

  • For in my sick distracted mind (stirred with many tossings), like the bead in the spread of frog-spawn carried by the current, hung the black and central essence of my future life.

    Lorna Doone


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