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  • n. the principle of complete and unrestricted power in government


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  • (previously known as "totalism"), class is still the central concern.

    Warren Ellis

  • By seamlessly integrating face-to-face communication and electronic communication, society can avoid falling into the trap of “cybernetic totalism” foreseen by Jaron Lanier in his recent book You Are Not a Gadget.

    World Wide Mind

  • Having written a book about the Prophet, my immersion into Islam showed me, with regret, that their is a fine line between what the religious conservatives want, which is religious totalism, and what the Taliban delivered in Afghanistan, which is religious totalitarianism.

    Deepak Chopra: Is The Prophet A Founding Father?

  • If there is a "cybernetic totalism" in Facebook, it lies in our own desire to make our own lives closed, self-regulating systems.

    Adam Elkus: Facebook and the Database Society

  • Some critics of current movements in science and technology such as Jaron Lanier denounce the legacy of cybernetics as something that gave rise to "cybernetic totalism" -- a system of beliefs that views all of the processes of life as interactions of information.

    Adam Elkus: Facebook and the Database Society

  • Robert Lifton, the distinguished psychologist and author of many books, including Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of "Brainwashing" in China (1961), defined cults in a 1981 letter in the Harvard Mental Health Letter as an "aspect of a worldwide epidemic of ideological totalism, or fundamentalism."

    Cult scene: New Zealand and Africa - Boing Boing

  • Given its integral scope, this runs the danger of a totalism of unprecedented scale if an ideological construction takes priority over a praxis based on immanent becoming.

    World needs the unfettered light of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

  • This totalism becomes vulnerable to a totalitarianism without an unceasing insistence on the phenomenological practice of the alienness of the familiar.

    Pre-modern symbol systems fossilize into ideology in Modern Age of plurality

  • Traditional forms of consequentialism, including both the total form of consequentialism (“totalism”) and the average form of consequentialism (“averagism”), have the resources to explain how an act can be wrong while making things worse for no one.

    The Nonidentity Problem

  • I have already pointed to this kind of transubtantiation of the lower into the higher (or the ignoble into the noble form) in the case of "solidarity" (or universality) into "unanimity"; of the transubtantiation of the whole idiom of "totalism" into "wholism"; of all logic and monologic into ecologic and dialogic.

    Blake, Nietzsche, and Sri Aurobindo


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