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  • v. Present participle of totalize.


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  • Having retaken its ancestral land from the native Arabs, Zionism has set out an occult Jewish tradition formed on a "totalizing" concept of a mythical Judaism.

    David Shasha: Dangerous Mystic Motifs in Judaism

  • Their hallmark is an attempt to reconstruct the subject's project as his manner of dialectically "totalizing" his epoch even as he is being totalized by it.

    Jean-Paul Sartre

  • Gehr, Jacobs, Hollis Frampton, and Warren Sonbert represent the last wave of what might be called "totalizing" filmmakers: artists who believed their cinematic vision could transform seeing, thinking, and perhaps even society.

    Chicago Reader

  • Though the reality is in fact far more complicated than this brief sketch will allow us to convey, it is of little surprise that Iran's disaffected post-revolutionary intellectuals have since turned to the likes of Karl Popper, Hannah Arendt, and Friedrich Nietzsche to craft a counter-hegemonic discourse capable of putting paid to the "totalizing" claims made by powerful elements within Iran's ruling establishment.

  • "Thus far the promoters of American superpower have evinced no interest in abolishing a system that enables them to maximize power: a free politics, under the right conditions and controls, interposes no barriers to their kind of totalizing powers and may even serve as their auxiliary.

    Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local

  • History recounts the painful record of such totalizing claims, by people on behalf of their God.

    Ryan J. Bell: God Is Becoming King

  • Brooks's blend of snarky elitism and grand totalizing theories about human behavior is nothing short of class warfare for the arugula-chomping set.

    Joseph A. Palermo: David Brooks's Anti-Poverty Program: "Bourgeois Paternalism"

  • Regimes which oppose peace seek to instill in their populations a totalizing narrative about everyday life, and to portray those who question or challenge it as their enemies.

    Dex Torricke-Barton: The Technology of Peace

  • A single god is more totalizing, and also more abstract; he/she/it/whatever isn't the god of anything, but rather the god of everything.

    April 2009

  • In the end Pandora and Netflix are winning because they reflect their customers in a way that old-line firms with their hegemonic ad campaigns and totalizing distribution channels never could.

    Tom Silva: Netflix Opens a Pandora's Box


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