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  • n. white person (used especially in Gambia and Senegal).


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The most likely earliest derivation is from the Wolof word for Europe "Tougal". In the same way that Wolof means the people of Jollof, Toubab means the people of Tougal (Europe).


  • This is always an interesting time... but because it's a big market, people come from all over so you do hear "toubab" a little.

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • (Quaranta says, though, that the name offends a lot of Peace Corps volunteers who sometimes live a year or more in a country before villagers trade "toubab" for their given names.) "At that point, it was very natural to move to a drum set," Quaranta says, "and then our friend Dave Pransky picked up electric bass. Site Feed

  • Why did I put up with the constant stares and frequent shouting of “toubab,” a West African reference to a person with my pigmentation?


  • Meanwhile, five twentysomething guys in Asheville, North Carolina came out of the gate in 2005 as Toubab Krewe, toubab being a West African term for a white person.

    Rock With A West African Twist

  • Once, when I was in another bigger village (touristy) for a workshop, some girls were hanging around, saying "toubab how are you what is your name" and I started talking to them in Woolof- they shrieked and giggled and then one grabbed my hand and said something wonderful (in Woolof) "You're not a toubab, you speak Woolof nice!"...

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • Many volunteers HATE is and made a big deal about not being called toubab.

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • Nice bike ride, cool market, only a few "toubab!" squawks pointed in our direction.

    In the direction of my daydreams

  • They teased me a little, of course, but only in good fun and were laughing at me mainly b/c they're impressed that a toubab white person can speak Ollof.

    In case you're interested...

  • It was fun, mainly because I was just getting the local feel for things and I was the only toubab in the joint -- some people actually call me naar instead of toubab b/c they think I'm Lebanese/Mauritanian.

    In case you're interested...

  • Tangent Universes the fight for social justice the indie verses the world is cruel and ugly totally random toubab done lost it type: minx + pink + ovaries type: novelization type: yaoi unexpexted squee utter total fail verse: dc verse: image verse: marvel verse: virgin we be orcing why? head meet brick wall why? wanna quit willow is pissed off

    Seeking Avalon


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