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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of touch.


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  • For this is Nature's holyday [2] I also observed that round the whole scene were distributed a great variety of tables set with the choicest and most tempting refreshments; such they apeard to be; but whither on being touch'd as in some other enchanted woods and castles they would have vanished from before me I cannot tell as I did not put it to the trial.

    Letter 35

  • Of mingled stars and clouds! — he touch'd the lyre

    The Lake of Geneva

  • Widow, and so far dissipated the Grief of the Friend, that he began to be sensible of her Charms, not only those of her Beauty, but was touch'd with that tender Affection which she daily express'd for the loss of his good

    The Lining of the Patch-Work Screen

  • The good Lady was greatly touch'd, and found a necessity to part with her; but withal resolv'd to provide for her, putting her into some way suitable to her

    The Lining of the Patch-Work Screen

  • This so touch'd the General, and those noble Officers about him, that with one accord they resolv'd on a Revolt, and to joyn with the Moors, to dethrone the Usurper, and establish their young lawful King.

    The Lining of the Patch-Work Screen

  • Discourses, and solid Arguments, but gave him Books to read, which he return'd in due time, giving an account of what he read, in those Books; what touch'd, and what displeas'd him.

    The Lining of the Patch-Work Screen

  • Beauties; but none had touch'd him like our Gypsie's.

    The Lining of the Patch-Work Screen

  • All which so touch'd our Novice, that she began to regret what she had done, and to wish she could find a Way, handsomely and without Contempt, to undo what she had done.

    A Patch-Work Screen for the Ladies

  • King, which, 'till then, had never touch'd my Thoughts: For his Majesty had demean'd himself with so much Goodness and Generosity towards me, that it was impossible for a grateful Soul not to love him as the best of


  • Now altho 'she was thus incircled with Griefs and Misfortunes, her Beauties were not thereby obscur'd but, like the Sun behind a transparent Cloud, was more conspicuous to the Beholders, especially to the View of Hannibal, whose young Heart having never yet been touch'd with any amorous



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