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  • adj. Wearing a toupee.

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  • adj. wearing a small hairpiece to cover partial baldness


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

toupee +‎ -ed


  • I'll sprinkle glitter all over the toupeed Heritage Foundation Glitteratti.

    when to shout 'Fire!' in a crowded theater

  • When we last left our hero, he had survived a horrible snubbing by toupeed pitchman and former stock-holding billionaire WILLIAM FUCKING SHATNER, only to be verbally attacked by a disgruntled Star Trek fan.

    WIL WHEATON dot NET: 1.5: September 2001 Archives

  • But the alleged $6 million asking price and, according to Mr. Chalfant, the toupeed one's global appeal, will probably necessitate what he referred to as "an investment in world rights by a multinational entity."

    Big Fun in Frankfurt: King Jumps Viking's Ship

  • Berlusconi used a magazine interview last week with Il Foglio to tug at his toupeed forelock: I, sometimes, like everyone, am a sinner but the type of moralistic justice being waged against me is . . . simply scandalous.'' - Home Page

  • The poor sod is a buck-toothed, badly toupeed taxman who wears his windbreaker even when indoors, smells like a mix of aftershave and formaldehyde (or so we're told) and spends his free time making detailed dioramas with dead mice.

  • Comically toupeed, manic and self-unaware, the character pinballs from topic to topic and invites guests onstage for what appears to be purely improvisational motivational sessions.

    Las Vegas Sun Stories: All Sun Headlines

  • If this is the maximum we can expect from coverage in the mainstream media on the minority party and its relative insignificance currently – viz., this yakking animated toupeed corpse, then we’re in for a whole lot of same-old same-old from MSM.

    Think Progress » Lott Attacks Rove, Says ‘I’ve Had Problems With Some Of His Conduct’

  • But for my money, I’d like to see Gandolfini assay a massively popular evangelist; not one of those badly toupeed, toothy TV healers of old, but a Rick Warren type: the very image of a regular middle-American guy who just so happens to command a flock of millions and a massive republic of faith.

    Help us pick James Gandolfini's next job |


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