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  • adjective Having fair hair


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  • A stench of well-aged road-kill rocked her backwards just as she recognised the bloated, tow-haired figure shambling towards her with hooked fingers pawing at the air.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » The Spill. (In Canberra, not the Gulf).

  • Oh. It reminded me, somehow, of that little tow-haired trollop that you got en­tangled with years ago.

    Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror: The Ship From Outside - A. Bertram Chandler

  • Nannies: dark-skinned women from Trinidad and El Salvador, watching tow-haired charges play in the sand.

    Mary Poppins Speaks Out

  • “Right here, Dad,” said a shorter, tow-haired boy in the kitchen doorway, holding a hockey stick with a big blue bow on it.

    The Town

  • Superintendent who was waiting to go down the line — a tall, tow-haired, horsey youth in dingy white linen.


  • Harry didn't bring home tow-haired friends to play with; he didn't bring friends at all, because he wasn't going to expose his parents to a gang that included the unwashed Kaga twins or a criminal-in-training like Tetsu.

    December 6

  • Brian was Rachel's fiance, a pleasant, tow-haired young man with a steady placid nature that nicely balanced Rachel's more extrovert, dizzy personality.

    Desire for Revenge

  • Robin had a tow-haired boy's head caught in the crook of his arm and his hand was forcing a plastic cup to his lips.

    In the Presence of the Enemy

  • She was still patting her clothing straight as she pushed past a scrawny tow-haired boy who stood in the archway; he gave Conan a knowing, impertinent look, then came forward to clear the table.

    Conan The Warlord

  • A tow-haired youth came out of the stable with a pitchfork in his hands, steaming gently in the chill air.

    The Confession of Brother Haluin


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