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  • adj. Alternative spelling of towheaded.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having hair resembling tow.


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  • The tow-headed leopard man, who was billed on the boards as Raoul Castlemon and was called Ralph by his intimates, was already in the cage.


  • A few minutes later, one of his patrons, a tow-headed young man who was boarding and rehearsing three performing leopards at Cedarwild, was asking Collins for the loan of an Airedale.


  • And while the Dutch superintendent, in execrable Spanish, shouted affirmations of Dutch neutrality into the menacing dark, across the gunwale of Chill II they found the body of the tow-headed youth whose business it had been not to die.


  • The lights from the gangway showed but one occupant, a tow-headed, greasy-faced, blond youth of twenty, very lean, very calm, very much satisfied with himself.


  • He liked the cypresses that stretched to the window of his cell, and all along the gravel path that wended over the flat lawn down to where the reeds grew tow-headed at the banks of the streams and the water seemed still and clear on summer days and as rich and foamy as ale in the fall.

    One Year’s Worth of Woe « A Fly in Amber

  • Here was I, preparing to astonish the world with my tale of a visit to heaven, and I get beaten to the bestseller list by a tow-headed kid.

    Clay Farris Naff: How In The World Did Colton Burpo Beat Me To Heaven?

  •  In one, two tow-headed boys were playing on the beach, chasing each other and a Frisbee, as well as chasing a woman who had to be their mother, until all family members fell laughing into the sand.

    The Time Broker

  • Their food paid for, the Trainor family heads for home on the heels of Peck and her brood of tow-headed youngsters.

    NASCAR Minivan Series Has Soccer Moms "Swapping Paint"

  • The emergence of the tow-headed pre-teen who appears to MIB may mark a return to the significance of the young ones.

    The 'Lost' 5: Our top unanswered questions

  • It seems that rascally, tow-headed imp, Michael Audrey Myers, had captured more than a few hearts within the global film-going public – and not just the ones ripped savagely from the chests of hapless teenaged babysitters in suburban Illinois.

    Love Hurts: Rob Zombie and the Myth of the Remake | Obsessed With Film


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