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  • adj. Townsend (attributive); used in taxonomic names for organisms having English names of the form "Townsend's ..."


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Named in a pseudo-Latin manner for any of several naturalists named Townsend.


  • Endemic Olympic fauna includes: Olympic marmot Marmota olympus, Beardslee trout Salmo gairdneri beardsleei, Crescenti trout Salmo clarkii crescentis, Olympic mole Scapanus townsendi olympicus, short-tailed weasel Mustela erminea olympicus, Olympic chipmunk Tamias amoenus caurinus and Olympic mazama pocket gopher Thomomys mazama melanopes.

    Olympic National Park, United States

  • He did not find a breeding population of _M.t. townsendi_, but did note favorable habitat for breeding.

    Birds from Coahuila, Mexico

  • Ridgway (1907: 164) recorded _M. townsendi_ from the Sierra Guadalupe on

    Birds from Coahuila, Mexico

  • The underparts of No. 31079 are not uniformly dark, being paler on the chin, throat, and abdomen than elsewhere as is true of typical representatives of _M.t. townsendi_.

    Birds from Coahuila, Mexico


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