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  • n. Plural form of townsite.


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  • On the Inside he sold flour, and blankets, and tobacco; built saw-mills, staked townsites, and sought properties in copper, iron, and coal; and that the miners should be well-equipped, ransacked the lands of the Arctic even as far as Siberia for native-made snow-shoes, muclucs, and parkas.


  • The end of the era of platting places to respond to human sense experience was coming at about the same time as the CPR townsites were being laid out in Western Canada.

    Olympic Line (short) closure notice « Stephen Rees's blog

  • There are two interesting "pyramid" sites that we visited - really townsites.

    Overnight Trips from Lakeside

  • Cities and townsites such as Gede, Malindi, and Jumba la Mtwana dot the coastal region, while others, like Mombasa, Lamu, and Pate, are on islands, some still inhabited, others in ruins.

    Swahili Ghost Town

  • Even now, from Bingtown to the mouth of the Rain Wild River there stretched a trail of abandoned townsites that marked the path of their attempts at settlement.

    Ship Of Magic

  • The railroads would use an enlarged Homestead Act like a carrot to lure the farmers out here and end up selling them land for farms or townsites.

    Mistletoe and Holly

  • Small "packet" nuclear plants will be designed for providing power in remote isolated places, such as we have in the north of Canada, where mining and small townsites having a limited life have been established.

    The Peacetime Applications of Atomic Energy

  • President Layton was instructed to see that the settlers did not scatter themselves promiscuously throughout the land, that surveys be made for townsites, that the people settle in these localities, with facilities for public schools and meeting houses, and that due provision be made to protect the settlers against depredations of the lawless and unprincipled combinations of brigands and other hostile marauders.

    Mormon Settlement in Arizona A Record of Peaceful Conquest of the Desert

  • To me, however, the most fascinating result of the past ten years of Western development is that the Canadian Northern system is responsible for the creation of over 150 townsites, of which at least 125 have been named by our officers, and at least 70,000 persons (ex - 'elusive of Winnipeg and other large centres) have found homes tributary to that Railway.

    Development of the Canadian West

  • With the settlement and improvement of the country will come many other openings for profitable investments -- townsites, transportation lines, telephones, electric power, banking and all that, you understand.

    The Winning of Barbara Worth


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