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  • adj. affected by or otherwise relating to toxemia, organically poisoned

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Pertaining to or of the nature of toxemia; affected with toxemia; septicemic.


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From toxemia 'organic blood poisoning', from Neo-Latin toxaemia, from Ancient Greek (toxicon) 'poison', toxin' + (haima) 'blood'


  • The real cause of conjunctivitis however results from the toxemic condition of the body brought about by faulty style of living and wrong feeding habits.

    Natural Remedies for Curing Conjunctivitis

  • Mud packs are also very beneficial for an epilepsy patient as they help in removing toxemic conditions of the intestines and thereby hasten the removal of epileptic conditions.

    Natural Remedies for Curing Epilepsy

  • Flesh foods should also be avoided by the diabetic as they increase the toxemic condition and reduce sugar tolerance.

    Natural Remedies for The Treatment of Diabetes

  • Binswanger11 states that the mental disorders occurring in acute and chronic nephritis are either toxemic psychoses on uremic bases, or due to arteriosclerosis.

    The Journal of Abnormal Psychology

  • In the case of fever, which also invariably involves a toxemic condition of the body, the elimination of the poisons through the skin should be accomplished by methods which do not involve the external use of heat in this manner.

    Vitality Supreme

  • This hot bath is rather strenuous treatment, but it is effective, if one is strong vitally, for rapidly purifying the blood and eliminating the poisons in the body in any toxemic condition.

    Vitality Supreme

  • I don't think it hysterical, epileptic, or toxemic.

    The Treasure-Train


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