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  • n. The application of pharmacokinetics to the study of toxicity


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toxico- +‎ kinetics


  • Frequently the terms toxicokinetics, pharmacokinetics, or disposition may be found in the literature to have the same meaning.


  • 'toxicokinetics', Positive results in one or more mutagenicity has been outlined in an ICH guideline (Federal assays do not necessarily translate into human Register, 1 March 1995).

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  • However, metabolism is sometimes not specific for the transformation process but may include other phases of toxicokinetics.


  • Disposition is often used in place of toxicokinetics to describe the time-course of movement of chemicals through the body (that is, how does the body dispose of a xenobiotic?).


  • Examples of how toxicokinetics of a substance can influence its toxicity:


  • The toxicokinetics literature is extensive and a listing of all the excellent toxicology and toxicokinetics textbooks is beyond the scope of this tutorial.


  • The potency of a chemical, or how toxic it is, depends upon its movement through the body to the target site (toxicokinetics); its ability to interact with the body to cause harm (toxicodynamics); and the dose the body receives (exposure level), which is in turn modified by the toxicokinetics and toxicodynamics of the chemical.


  • Moreover, the species differences in toxicokinetics, whereby BPA as parent compound is less bioavailable in humans than in rodents, raise considerable doubts about the relevance of any low-dose observations in rodents for humans.

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  • This glossary contains definitions of 355 terms frequently used in the multidisciplinary field of toxicokinetics.

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  • The glossary is compiled primarily for chemists who find themselves currently working in toxicology and requiring a knowledge of the expressions used in toxicokinetics, especially in relation to hazard and risk assessment.

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