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  • Without leaving a trace.


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  • Ten days later Baris and Ideena might as well have vanished tracelessly into a black hole and Under-governor Larash-Ti-Andresson was not a happy man.

    Beast Master's Circus

  • What's more, I can hack tracelessly into any part of the corporate net, including Confidential Services itself.

    Perseus Spur

  • And it was curiously gratifying, too, to find that the Hrrubans had been able to disappear so tracelessly.

    Decision at Doona

  • The Javelin was outward bound for an unknown destinatfon, on a journey of unknown length in both time and space: a frail steel bubble which might be washed up on any shore ... or burst tracelessly, so far into the wastes that not even a fragment would ever reach any beach, without even the dim solace of a sea-bottom grave to sink to, but only nothing, nothing at all ...

    And all the Stars a Stage

  • Definitely, she was her own mistress throughout-no conceivable mind could take hers over so tracelessly.

    Children of the Lens

  • He knew now that Onlo had been invaded, tracelessly, by some feat of mentality beyond comprehension and almost beyond belief.

    Children of the Lens

  • Nadreck, master psychologist, invaded that base tracelessly; learning that the Eich received orders from the Thralian solar system in the Second Galaxy and that frigid-blooded Kandron of Onlo (Thrallis DC) was second in power only to human Alcon, the Tyrant of Thrale (Thrallis II).

    Children of the Lens

  • All who oppose him in anything, however small, or who seek to reason with him, die without record or trace; and if he is not arrested, tried, and executed, all such will continue, tracelessly and without any pretense of trial, to die.

    First Lensman

  • Kinnison, who had himself operated tracelessly upon so many minds, could scarcely believe his own had been tampered with.

    Gray Lensman

  • "If there exists a mind of power sufficient to break my screens and tracelessly to invade my mind, what of yours?"

    Gray Lensman


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