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  • verb computing To measure the route taken by packets over an IP network and any delays in transit.


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trace +‎ route, the name of a diagnostic tool for this purpose.


  • But by doing an in-depth analysis of DNS (Domain Name System) traffic and using a network-monitoring tool called traceroute, the researchers were able to work out a technique that could give them a 40 percent chance of placing their attack code on the same server as their victim.

    ARN News

  • The 'traceroute' command told me that the problem came from a router inside the China Telecom network.

    Daniel Allen: Unraveling China's Great Firewall

  • From the command line prompt of either a Unix or Linux machine (including the MacOS X Terminal) the basic command syntax is "traceroute".

    Internet connections

  • The numerous intermediary systems confound tools such as traceroute, effectively laundering the true location of the website.

    Boing Boing: October 5, 2003 - October 11, 2003 Archives

  • I don’t know how they work but I figured they do what’s called a traceroute and have assembled a database that links the geographical location of gateways and routers with the IP address of the same equipment.

    Open Letter to Tribune7 « UDreamOfJanie

  • May 25th, 2006 at 3:57 pm timewarp @ 3:32 pm #87 – A traceroute is a way of tracing the route packets take between your computer and a computer it’s communicating with.

    Firedoglake » Clinton Rules

  • Tools "traceroute" fungsinya sama dengan tools "tracert" di Sistem Windows, digunakan untuk testing link koneksi terhadap server tertentu.

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  • Run a "traceroute" to some destination a little way away.

    Ryan Tomayko

  • On Unix, you can run a trace by typing "traceroute" (if you have traceroute installed).

    Ryan Tomayko

  • On Windows '95, you have to open a DOS window and type a command like in Unix, except on Windows' 95 the "traceroute" command is called

    Ryan Tomayko


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