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  • n. A shortened form of tracheotomy or tracheostomy.
  • n. The tube inserted in a tracheotomy.
  • n. A recipient of the above-named procedure.


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  • M. STEPANEK: Well, I have something called a trach collar, which is a little thing that I hold all of the time like a mask I put over that.

    CNN Transcript Jun 22, 2004

  • She is hanging around wioith keth Obermann, good man for her trach is the word for beck and oreilly texasman5002 Says:

    Think Progress

  • Placement of a cap over the top of a tracheostomy ( "trach") tube allowing a child to breathe through the nose and mouth; used to assess a person's readiness to breathe without mechanical assistance.


  • Most patients with severe subglottic stenosis will be dependent on a tracheotomy ( "trach") tube.

    Subglottic Stenosis

  • An opening in the neck following the removal of a tracheostomy ( "trach") tube.


  • Tomorrow he is supposed to get the kind of trach he can talk with, but his mouth is so mishapen now that I think we will still have great difficulty understanding him.

    Monday, Dec. 04, 2006 12:52 am

  • The 'trach' tube (for the ventilator) is out and she just has an oxygen tube in her nose, "Williams said.

    News/local from

  • Or they contained the man-child who has never walked or sat or opened his eyes in the whole of his twenty-one years of life, who has a trach collar situated just at the base of his throat through which the machine next to him delivers one breath and then another, and a tube that runs directly into his stomach through which he receives feeds.

    Between Expectations

  • There were the five years that came before her pulse was lost and chest compressions were started, and there was everything that would come after—the weeks when she would be on a ventilator and the day the trach would be inserted in the hollow above her collarbone.

    Between Expectations

  • Still, because she cannot cough effectively, phlegm often collects within the trach and needs to be sucked out.

    Between Expectations


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