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  • n. A science fiction device used to attract other objects.


Probably a shortening of "Attractor beam". (Wiktionary)


  • But even these sense memories faded when he opened his eyes and looked out through the curving viewports of the Boreth’s observation deck to see the Defiant being pulled through the stars at warp speed, ensnared in the purple web of a tractor beam and trailing half a kilometer behind the angular engineering hull of the advanced technology Klingon battle cruiser.


  • She noticed that the ship being flown by Elless’s lieutenant, Vazga, which was in the other line of runners, was the first to follow her in this—its tractor beam suddenly grew even brighter.

    Creative Couplings

  • But in completing the arc, too much strain was placed on the tractor beam on Pattie’s runner, and the connection between the missile and the small ship was broken.

    Creative Couplings


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