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  • n. A vehicle's ability to traverse a specified terrain.


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  • I've been an advocate of lifting the curfew for some time, and many of you probably know that it's been a matter of priority for the city council of the city of Baghdad as well as the district councils of Karkh and Karadah on either side of the river to get that bridge back open because of the trafficability (ph) challenges in Baghdad.

    CNN Transcript Oct 26, 2003

  • Reconnaissance determines the condition and trafficability of movement routes and the trafficability of off-road terrain, including bridge conditions and detour routes.

    FM 100-61 Chptr 12 Engineer Support

  • Troop movement routes and trafficability on off-road terrain.

    FM 100-61 Chptr 12 Engineer Support

  • Will variations in trafficability or lane width force changes in formations or movement techniques or require defile drills?

    FM 71-1 Chapter 2 Battle Command

  • A primary goal of engineer reconnaissance at the operational level is to provide comprehensive information on the trafficability of march routes.

    FM 100-61 Chptr 12 Engineer Support

  • The zone reconnaissance is normally conducted when the enemy situation is vague or when information concerning cross-country trafficability is required.

    FM 71-1 Chapter 5 Other Tactical Operations

  • The habitats landed at the base site which will be preselected for trafficability can have wheels attached to their landing gear legs, and then, with the aid of a cable and windlass, be rolled together to be either mated up directly or connected with the aid of inflatable tunnels.

    The Case for Mars

  • Therefore, knowledge of the effects of the weather on trafficability will have great bearing on the timing and nature of operations.

    FM 7-98 Chapter 6 - Cmd, Control, Comm, and Intelligence

  • Deserts can have extremes of cold and heat, good visibility and blinding sandstorms, drought and sudden rains, water shortages and flash floods, and good trafficability and interspersed obstacles.

    FM 7-98 Chapter 7 - Combat Support

  • Therefore, the effects of the weather on wheel and track trafficability and on air and amphibious mobility are more significant to the counterinsurgent force.

    FM 7-98 Chapter 6 - Cmd, Control, Comm, and Intelligence


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