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  • adj. Having the characteristics of a trance.

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  • adj. as if in a trance


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From trance +‎ -like.


  • The woman sighed in disappointment, her expression almost trancelike.

    Savor Me Slowly

  • Very few writers induce in their readers the kind of trancelike state, punctuated by frequent “wows,” that most of us associate with much-loved books from childhood.

    No Second Chance: Summary and book reviews of No Second Chance by Harlan Coben.

  • The score of Zarkana dips into trancelike drones, live drums, throat singing, organ solos, and one swampy-blues number when the clown goes to the purple bubble-wart toad planet, but you're not going to be rocking out to the soundtrack.

    Rita Houston: Cirque du Zarkana: Not Your Father's Rock Opera

  • Chillingo, iPod & iPhone 69p, iPad £1.49 Although sorting animal faces into lines of three or more doesn't immediately sound like something you'd do for fun, Zookeeper's addictive qualities are such that protracted play induces a trancelike state in which the animals almost seem to sort themselves.

    iPod, iPhone & iPad games round-up

  • My breathing has caught the right beat for endurance; familiar trancelike scenes glide by.

    April « 2010 « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground

  • It seemed to me, in my trancelike state, that the moment in which the doorknob on the scary door began to rattle — the moment when something on the other side was on the cusp of emerging, with the mortals on this side watching in wide-eyed dread — would be a good place to end.

    The Horror, the Horror «

  • Walking induces a trancelike state that allows the mind freedom and ease and encourages exploration of odd possibilities and improbable connections.

    Bird Cloud

  • "I've my own burlap," she answered, staring into nothing, trancelike, fumbling toward the car.

    bleeding out

  • On rainy days the time passed slowly, trancelike I tongued the bedroom window and licked the condensation from the glass.

    dublin on a wet day

  • Saturated with color or chiaroscuro black and white, luminously grainy and non-linear, each film opens up a specific world in a dreamlike way, from the rhythms of Chinatown to the trancelike experience of a band touring and performing.

    Ann Hornaday talks to filmmaker Jem Cohen, ambassador to a dreamlike world


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