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  • transitive v. To stimulate (a host cell) to replicate the genetic components of a virus. Used of a viral protein.

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  • v. To make a host cell replicate the genetic components of a virus


trans- +‎ activate (Wiktionary)


  • Once ligand-bound, the AhR is then able to transactivate the expression of the CYP1A1-controlled PPARβ/δ transgene in the epidermis via the AhR-responsive DXE/XRE element (shown in fig. 2d).

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  • The PPAR subfamily of nuclear hormone receptors also includes PPARα (target of fibrate class lipid lowering drugs) and PPARγ (target of the rosiglitazone-family of anti-diabetes drugs), all of which form heterodimers with the RXRα subunit of retinoid receptors and require binding of ligands in order to bind cognate promoters and transactivate distinct set of target genes.

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  • To demonstrate that E2Fs can directly transactivate the Beclin 1 promoter, we performed Beclin 1 promoter reporter assay in T98G cells.

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  • We also show the expression of Beclin 1 depends on E2F, and E2F can transactivate the

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  • Our analysis of the functional activity of p63 on the ZEB1 promoter showed that both the TAβ and ΔNβ isoforms could bind to and transactivate through their cognate site in the ZEB1 promoter.

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  • (B) Specific p63 isoforms can transactivate the ZEB1 promoter.

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  • The molecular function of Tbx1 is unclear although it can transactivate reporters with T-box binding elements.

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  • The number of distinct signaling pathways that can transactivate the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) in a single cell type is unclear.

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  • To test if p63 still remains able to transactivate in these unresponsive cells, the ES-derived ectodermal cell line was cotransfected with ΔNp63 and a p63-responsive reporter construct

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  • (p. Leu231_Leu233del) to transactivate the CYP11A1 and CYP19A1 promoters.

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