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  • By cutting your toenails, you recognize that you are made up of transcient cells that come and go.

    Mortality and Toenails

  • Second, Cesar Chavez was Chicano and not all Hispanics or Latinos/Latinas come from Mexico or are/were transcient crop workers.

    César, César, bo-Bésar, banana bana fo-Fésar (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • Cross-dressing was something transcient to me, something the girls in fiction did for fun before settling down and going back to “normal”.

    GLBT January Mini-Challenge

  • Anyway, these transcient fields could easy produce Stark or Zeeman effects.

    Scientific Misconduct « Climate Audit

  • They are prepared to spend billions of pounds on a system which won't work and will, in the process undermine fundamental freedoms in the UK that people have fought and died for, just to extract some transcient and superficial "tough on terrorism" headlines from a media with a short attention span.

    Archive 2004-04-04

  • The girl has moved a little away from him, the flush of "beauty's bright transcient glow" has died out of her face, the hard, angry look has come back.

    A Terrible Secret

  • Temporary employees, employed by staffing firms, are meant to be transcient and hopping between jobs. News

  • Myspace and facebook have been storing transcient user data in separate memory based clusters for a long time to avoid SCSI disk write blocking, which shows it’s ugly head in the form of CPU context switching polling the memory bus waiting for data.

    Plentyoffish Paid Virtual Goods… « The Paradigm Shift

  • Would to God!’ said she, ‘the dear girl had the small-pox in a mortifying manner: she’d be lovely though in the genteelness of her person and the excellencies of her mind; and more out of danger of suffering from the transcient beauties of countenance.



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