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  • adv. In a transformative manner.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

transformative +‎ -ly


  • In fact, most experimental fiction probably fails in this way, or at least doesn't demonstrate enough of the skill required to produce something so transformatively new as to initiate the cycle Dewey describes in the first passage quoted above.

    John Dewey's *Art as Experience*

  • The challenge for all involved will be to think boldly and transformatively about how it should be used.

    Larry Cohen: Not in Sickness; in Health: How Health Reform could Start a Real Revolution

  • That's so red, white and blue and transformatively post-partisan of you.

    Novak Admits That Hillary/Obama "Smear" Column Is Second Hand

  • "Most health experts would agree that there's probably enough money in the system, there's enough human resources in the system, there's enough capacity in the system, if we were to change transformatively how we deliver the service to maximize the use of those resources."

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • Internal locus of control order tasks and user experiences might transformatively replace unwanted actions and cognitive load.

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows

  • (and to work transformatively with) the overarching objective structural realities of modern society.

    Sociopolitical (i.e., _Romantic_) Difficulty in Modern Poetry and Aesthetics

  • If the land is currently owned and occupied by someone who could count as a peaceful homesteader i.e., somebody who wasn’t directly complicit in the seizure, who actually transformatively uses the land rather than merely controlling it through a state-fabricated title, etc., then the land properly belongs to the current homesteader and can’t justly be yanked out from under her.

    Sprachkritik: “Privatization”

  • 349 F. 3d at 629 (stating that new works are described as transformative "when the works use copyrighted materials for purposes distinct from the purpose of the original material"); see also Bill Graham Archives, 448 F. 3d at 609 (concluding that the use of artistic images as historical artifacts is "transformatively different from the original expressive purpose").



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