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  • adj. More than human; superhuman
  • adj. Related to transhumanism
  • n. A human who recognizes and embraces the coming posthuman condition

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  • adj. More than human; superhuman.

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  • More than human; superhuman.


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Abbreviation of “transitional human

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trans- (“across, beyond”) + “human


  • Any "transhuman" implementation will have to include or simulate our emotional components.

    Machines Named John and their Questions for God

  • I imagine that the existence Cavil desires, eliminating the biological component that also results in us being emotional as well as rational beings, might well end up being "sub-human" rather than "transhuman", however enhanced our eyesight might be.

    Machines Named John and their Questions for God

  • When everyone has attained at least the level of "transhuman", they'll understand the lack of necessity of God to explain the world aside from maybe Aquinas's "first cause" explanation that requires no religion by itself.

    The Speculist: June 2006 Archives

  • I intend to recapture the term "transhuman" from the cyborgs are spiritual emigres, which necessarily highlights the temporal dimension in transmodernist thinking.


  • In DX: HR we're just at the start of that revolution, in a time where the 'transhuman' is emerging - a more mechanical augmentation system which enhances human capabilities in very unsubtle ways.


  • Reader's Digest Great Encyclopedia Dictionary defined "transhuman" as meaning "surpassing; transcending; beyond".


  • Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary defined "transhuman" as meaning


  • But atheists and religious alike use technology in a 'transhuman' approach.

    Greensboring® Greensboro, NC

  • Part of the reason I got thinking about this was, strangely, Michael Jackson - someone wrote an article about how he could be, through his (relatively) immense amount of physical reconstruction, be considered the first "transhuman": someone for whom the mortal flesh is simply another canvas of expression.

    Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Blog

  • I have no idea what rights a civil union like the ones which would be possible below would have, nor do I have any idea what kind of transhuman universe would require so complex a system.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz


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