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  • n. an advocate of transhumanism


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  • I am more interested in working alongside someone as influential as John Harris than in someone who, unlike Harris, happens to call herself a "transhumanist" - and who wants to evolve into a Jupiter-brain somewhere in the outer reaches of our solar system (which will have been converted to computronium).

    Ethical Technology

  • Within what might be termed the transhumanist "tradition of overcoming tradition," the pursuit of radical life extension plays a central part.

    Ethical Technology

  • Of course, the transhumanists will argue that this makes me a secret bioconservative just as bioconservatives will argue that this makes me a secret transhumanist, which is pretty much just because they are all not only barking mad but co-dependent on the equal extremity of their imagined antagonists.

    amor mundi

  • It's obvious why the term "transhumanist" is scary.

    Ann Reynolds: Leonardo Was A Transhumanist

  • Beautifully designed by virtual worlds artistic legend D.C. Spensley (AKA DanCoyote in Second Life), h+ is accessible, stylish, contemporary, and sometimes playful. h+ aims to provides an entry point for intelligent people to develop an awareness of this new technological paradigm, while also providing an outlet and a voice for those who are already hooked in to the "transhumanist" vision.

    Boing Boing

  • So while the term "transhumanist" appeals to me in a general sense, I share Future Hi's reservation.

    Archive 2006-02-01

  • If you want * good* 'transhumanist' writing replete with personality editing and nanotech by someone who has a clue about technology, read Charles Stross - Glasshouse or Singularity Sky.

    REVIEW: The Golden Age by John C. Wright

  • So much so, perhaps, that applying the "transhumanist" label to oneself is bad PR (unless you really want to carry all that baggage), and using it of organisations is bad branding?

    Ethical Technology

  • It was an opportunity for me to offer my readers some new 'transhumanist' perspectives, and it helped me re-contextualize my own writing and the type of content I plan to post in the future.

    Sentient Developments

  • Seltzer considers himself a "transhumanist," in the mold of the Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom and the futurist writer and inventor Ray Kurzweil.



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