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  • adv. In a transitive manner.

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  • In a transitive manner.

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  • adv. in a transitive manner


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transitive +‎ -ly


  • Now, if the (restricted) Poincare group acts 'transitively' upon the space of histories of a system, it entails that any two histories, v and w, are related by a Poincare transformation g, v = gw, and therefore there is only one intrinsic history.

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  • But the underlying warmth that the characters have for each other and, if transitively, for their school, makes Greendale Community College seem like a good place to be.

    Danielle Wiener-Bronner: How NBC's Community Promotes Community Colleges

  • One needs to carefully distinguish the false notion that the space-time symmetry group acts transitively upon the quantum state space of an elementary system, from the correct notion that any vector in such a state space is 'cyclic' with respect to the action of the space-time symmetry group.

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  • Souriau and Cushman-de Vries define an elementary system to be one in which the restricted Poincare group acts transitively upon its 'space of motions', (Structure of Dynamical Systems: A Symplectic View of Physics ‎, p173).

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  • A group can only act transitively upon a space with the same dimension as the group itself, hence in quantum theory, the restricted Poincare group has many different 'orbits' upon the state spaces of elementary particles.

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  • Since this operator could be used transitively by his invention, he could string together a bunch of relationships to “prove” that A is considered harder than C, which was represented as A oy oy oy oy C.

    Rambles at » Blog Archive » Quasartupilussuusinnaavoq!

  • So, if the linguistic “handle” for the First Decade is particularly slippery, perhaps it will transitively render the things that happened that decade as less memorable.

    Rambles at » Blog Archive » The forgettable decade

  • You know that America has entered a truly remarkable period when the mere mention of fairness – and transitively, kindness - is vilified by an actual Presidential candidate and backed up by thousands of supporters.

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  • In addition, how can one forget entirely the fact that Ereignis normally means "event," and that there are very good reasons to believe that, by understanding Sein verbally, and transitively, Ereignis does designate something like the recurrent event of being, as the giving or granting of ownness or properness?


  • For we have to decide whether the perceptual state in virtue of which an organism may be said to be transitively-conscious of something must itself be a conscious one

    Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness


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