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  • Pertaining to or characterized by transmutation.


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  • The bulk of the novel concerns the political structure of the race Walker and his companions meet after they leave the Sessrimathe's world, and the transmutative, sometimes disruptive effects caused by their arrival.

    The Light Years Beneath My Feet

  • Testimony; but in the mean while I have not beheld the transmutative

    The Golden Calf, Which the World Adores, and Desires

  • Sendivogius soon used up this powder, we are told, in effecting transmutations and cures, and, being fond of expensive living, he married Sethon's widow, in the hope that she was in the possession of the transmutative secret.

    Alchemy: Ancient and Modern

  • In 1589, the Emperor Rudolph imprisoned Kelley, the price of his freedom being the transmutative secret, or a substantial quantity of gold, at least, prepared by its aid.

    Alchemy: Ancient and Modern

  • However, before his death, which occurred shortly afterwards, he presented him with an ounce of the transmutative powder.

    Alchemy: Ancient and Modern

  • It also shows that a species might originate independently of the operation of any external influence; that change of structure would precede that of use and habit; that appetency, impulse, ambient medium, fortuitous fitness of surrounding circumstances, or a personified "selecting nature" would have had no share in the transmutative act.

    The World's Greatest Books — Volume 15 — Science

  • Music@Menlo's 2010 season-opening program celebrates music's transmutative power with landmark works by two of history's most unbridled compositional imaginations -- works that use vastly contrasting languages but share a common inspiration.

    News & Features from Minnesota Public Radio

  • a, true sign, that by the transmutative virtue thereof, all imperfect

    The Golden Calf, Which the World Adores, and Desires

  • "To get down to the matter uppermost in your minds: Yes, the experiment was a success, and if you will use your psycho-transmutative powers to remodel your villages along the lines my constituents and I remodeled ours and to build enough factories to give your 'masters' that sense of self-sufficiency so essential to their well-being, and if you will

    The Servant Problem


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