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  • v. Present participle of transmute.


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  • In 1932 they succeeded in transmuting lithium and boron by high energy protons.

    John Cockcroft - Biography

  • This is odd to hear because Hare has made his name by transmuting political actualité into art.

    David Hare: 'It's absurd, but I feel insecure'

  • A chapter on macrobiotics — literally the art of long life — makes the point that, in China, the idea of transmuting minerals to gold was never divorced from the idea of using minerals to achieve immortality, or at least to heal ills; in the West, Needham remarks, comparable ideas only began to flower with Paracelsus.

    Short Reviews

  • For many are the outcome of after-thoughts, of ideas suggested during the process of what I have called transmuting musical hieroglyphics into sound.

    Style in Singing

  • She heard Darkwind utter something about "transmuting," and then he trailed off into a stream of what she guessed to be incredulous Tayledras curses.

    Winds Of Fate

  • Malcolm, our fighter, carries a modest +1 heavy flail of transmuting (which, after hitting a creature, gains the properties needed to bypass its DR).

    Pathfinder Fighter vs. Ice Devil? « Geek Related

  • Brain science has progressed so dramatically that we now understand how empathy and altruism, archetypal imagery and transmuting affects like joy and bliss work.

    Joe Loizzo, M.D., Ph.D.: Reliable Methods: The Future Of Self-Transcendence

  • In an era when books, movies and music are transmuting from atoms to bits, the greenback and those increasingly costly metal rounds are looking more analog by the minute.

    Time for Cash to Cash Out?

  • Gladwell argues that digital spectacle cannot replace old-fashioned analog methods of transmuting public sentiment into political power.

    Adam Elkus: Beyond Twitter Revolutions and False Choices

  • "Leaving the Atocha Station" is a marvelous novel, not least because of the magical way that it reverses the postmodernist spell, transmuting a fraudulent figure into a fully dimensional and compelling character.

    The Illusion Of Things


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