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  • adj. Relating to or characteristic of transphobia.


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  • I mean, Bindel’s reaction to being called transphobic is incredibly neurotic.

    Bread and circuses, tea and cake…

  • It occurred to me late last night, after discovering that Barney Frank is just another hysterical "transphobic" butt plug, that I'm sick of the whole - phobic/- phobia suffix thing.

    "My killer, my lover."

  • We live in a country governed by a bong-socialist clique whose default position is that the entire population is a covert racist, homophobe or even a 'transphobic'. scampy

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • If they cleared out the "transphobic" postings on this story, why wouldn't they have done so with the homophobic ones on the earlier one? Main RSS Feed

  • ITV comedy Moving Wallpaper investigated for 'transphobic' comments One in six British psychiatrists and therapists have tried to "cure" patients of homosexuality

  • Children who engage in "transphobic" bullying in the playground or classroom could be guilty of a hate crime and investigated by police under new government guidance.

    Top stories from Times Online

  • MWMF has also asserted that the festival is not "transphobic" because plenty of transgender people attend, or because it is "home to womyn who could be considered gender outlaws" (an apparent reference to Kate Bornstein's binary-shattering book

    Life, Law, Gender

  • I suppose if one is a smug, transphobic, bigot one would find her wonderful.

    The Brave One Goes Crazy And Murders Weekend Box Office

  • Although slightly more focused on homophobic subjects, the speakers also talked about transphobic abuse, which was really powerful and moving.

    Vigil « I'm Not Broken

  • June 2, 2009 at 9: 31 pm and is filed under Memphis TN, Questioning Transphobia, trans panic, transphobic violence.

    Fifth trans woman shot in Memphis since 2006


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