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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of transude.


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  • Besides these discomforts, there was a pungent, acrid plant which, apart from its strong odorous emissions, struck me smartly on the face, leaving a burning effect similar to cayenne; and the atmosphere, pent in by the density of the jungle, was hot and stifling, and the perspiration transuded through every pore, making my flannel tatters feel as if I had been through a shower.

    How I Found Livingstone

  • Honey should be kept only in stone jars, called Bristol ware, and in a cool and dry situation, but not corked up until a week or two after it has transuded through the sieve,

    A Description of the Bar-and-Frame-Hive With an Abstract of Wildman's Complete Guide for the Management of Bees Throughout the Year

  • I am of the opinion that there is no specific inflammatory exudation at all, but that the exudation we meet with is composed essentially of the material which has been generated in the inflamed part itself, through the change in its condition, and of the transuded fluid derived from the vessels.

    The World's Greatest Books — Volume 15 — Science

  • From this time on the abscess is said to be "pointing," or "coming to a head," which is shown by a small elevated or projecting prominence, which at first is dry, but soon becomes moist with transuded serum.

    Special Report on Diseases of the Horse

  • In the first case, the choked-up blood vessels find an outlet for the excessive quantity of blood and are relieved; the transuded serum or fluid of the blood is reabsorbed, and the part returns almost to its normal condition, with, however, a tendency to weakness predisposing to future trouble of the same kind.

    Special Report on Diseases of the Horse

  • On the other hand, the body-cavity, quite distinct from the gut and closed externally, has nothing to do with digestion; it encloses the gut itself and its glandular appendages, and also contains the sexual products and a certain amount of blood or lymph, a fluid that is transuded through the ventral wall.

    The Evolution of Man — Volume 1


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