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  • That if we all behave like nice little Starfleet drones, and maybe get lucky enough to stumble across an old transwarp conduit or two, we might get home in only a couple of decades instead of a couple of centuries?

    Star Trek The Next Generation®

  • The sensor readings at its last known waypoints indicated a transwarp velocity almost beyond comprehension.

    Delta Anomaly

  • And, guess what; Spock just happens to know the means by which the transwarp drive operates, which Scotty handily knows how to program in order to beam our heroes back onto the Enterprise.

    Star Trek

  • They go transwarp and then turn into lizards and then they turn back to normal but they had had sex and laid transwarp baby lizard eggs?

    Nick Mamatas' Journal

  • But there were other remarkable discoveries: a civilization that used space-time folding technology to cover distances so vast that they made warp drive look like a babys first steps in comparison, quantum slipstream drives, transwarp drives, never mind their discovery of entire new dimensions like fluidic space.

    Star Trek: Voyager®: Full Circle

  • No one knew the current status of the Borg, or their transwarp network, which obviously had at some point extended to the Alpha quadrant.

    Star Trek: Voyager®: Full Circle

  • I reply, But when showing you around, we used our transwarp engines to travel to the Delta Quadrant where our home is.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • OLD SPOCK: This is the equation on transwarp traporter technology you invented.

    Video Blog: The Future of Star Trek | /Film

  • At least we're not boldly going to nerdly arguments about the application of transwarp teleportation.

    Reasons for Sabotage in Star Trek? | /Film

  • No more Enterprise rooms designed just so J.J. can get an action scene in every 10 min see Kirk and Scotty doing their retarded transwarp transport.

    Video Blog: The Future of Star Trek | /Film


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