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  • n. The beam by means of which the mouth of a trawl-net is held open, usually about 40 or 50 feet long. See trawl, 2.


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  • The mouth of this apparatus is kept open on its flat side by means of a pole some ten or twelve feet long, termed the ` trawl-beam, 'which floats uppermost when the net is down; while the lower side is weighted with a thick heavy piece of hawser styled the ` ground-rope,' around which the meshes of the net are woven.

    Bob Strong's Holidays Adrift in the Channel

  • Thereupon he and the barrister leant over the side of the boat as before; and, catching hold of either end of the trawl-beam, they lifted it over the gunwale.

    Bob Strong's Holidays Adrift in the Channel

  • At no time could we see the trawler though we heard the click of her windlass, the jar of her trawl-beam, and the very flap of the fish on her deck.

    Traffics and Discoveries

  • That night I was over the rail on to the trawl-beam twice; I was at the pumps an hour; I pulled and hauled with both arms raw, and the snow freezing with the salt as soon as it came on my ulcers, and then I got the smash.

    A Dream of the North Sea

  • On wet nights when the deck was like a rink, he would make a rush as the boat pitched; then he would pick up his rope unerringly in the dark and, in another second, you would see him over the side with one foot on the trawl-beam in an attitude risky enough to make you want to close your eyes.

    The Chequers Being the Natural History of a Public-House, Set Forth in a Loafer's Diary

  • The net was then drawn away, the bunt fastened up, the end thrown over, and the trawl-beam took all down to scrape once more over the sands and scoop-out the soles and other flat-fish that are so fond of scuffling themselves down in the soft oozy sand, flapping their side-fins about till they are half covered, and very often letting the trawl-rope pass right over their backs.


  • The loss of a net was a serious one, as it took ten pounds or more to replace it and the trawl-beam and its belongings.

    A Chapter of Adventures

  • Two hours and a half it lasted, until the great trawl-beam came to the surface, and was got up on the vessel's side, after which these indomitable men proceeded to claw up the huge net with their fingers, straining and heaving with might and main.

    The Lively Poll A Tale of the North Sea

  • These doubts were solved anon; for after a terrible long interval of heaving round the windlass, at which Mr Strong groaned greatly, declaring that his back felt broken from having to stoop nearly double so as to keep out of the way of the swinging boom of the cutter, which swayed to and fro as she rolled about in the tideway, the end of the trawl-beam once more hove in sight alongside, bobbing up endwise out of the water.

    Bob Strong's Holidays Adrift in the Channel

  • A bridle or ` martingale 'unites the two ends of the trawl-beam. "

    Bob Strong's Holidays Adrift in the Channel


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