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  • n. Among the ancient Jews, a sacrifice presented in expiation for such a sin or offense as admitted of compensation or satisfaction. The ceremonial is described in Lev. xiv. 12–18. See offering.


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  • We may judge something from this passage: "In the evening of the sabbath, if he see one star and do any work, he is acquitted; but if he see two stars, let him bring his trespass-offering."

    From the Talmud and Hebraica

  • So the sin and trespass-offering are often expressed by חַטָּאת and אָשָׁם, — “the sin” and “trespass,” or

    The Doctrine of Justification by Faith

  • These two particulars indicate that the trespass-offering contemplated chiefly a wrong, for which decided satisfaction was to be made by offering a male animal, and for which

    The Temple���Its Ministry and Services

  • The blood of the trespass-offering (like that of the burnt-offering) was thrown on the corners of the altar below the red line.

    The Temple���Its Ministry and Services

  • But that this last was, at the same time, considered the lightest kind of trespass appears even from this — that, while ordinarily the flesh of the trespass-offering, after burning the inwards on the altar of (Lev 7: 3), was only to be eaten by the officiating priests within the Holy Place, the lamb offered for such a Nazarite might be eaten by others also, and anywhere within Jerusalem.

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  • It forms no exception to this principle, that a trespass-offering was also prescribed in the case of a healed leper (Lev 14: 12), and in that of a

    The Temple���Its Ministry and Services

  • The trespass-offering was provided for certain transgressions committed through ignorance, or else, according to Jewish tradition, where a man afterwards voluntarily confessed himself guilty.

    The Temple���Its Ministry and Services

  • The Rabbis attach ten comparative degrees of sanctity to sacrifices; and it is interesting to mark that of these the first belonged to the blood of the sin-offering; the second to the burnt-offering; the third to the sin-offering itself; and the fourth to the trespass-offering.

    The Temple���Its Ministry and Services

  • The Word of God considers every wrong done to another, as also a wrong done against the Lord (Psa 51: 4), and hence, as needing a trespass-offering.

    The Temple���Its Ministry and Services

  • It has already been explained that all sacrifices were either such as were offered on the ground of communion with God — the burnt - and the peace-offering; or else such as were intended to restore that communion when it had been dimmed or disturbed — the sin - and the trespass-offering.

    The Temple���Its Ministry and Services


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