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  • Divided into three parts, or divided by threes; branching or giving off shoots by threes; trifurcate; also, dividing a genus into three species.

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  • adjective Divided into three parts, or into threes; three-forked.

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  • adjective Divided into three parts, or into threes; forking three ways.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

trichotomy +‎ -ous?


  • This trichotomous view of humans ie people are souls with legs on is common to all Creationists whether OE or YE

    Neanderthal/human interbreeding - the old-earth response - The Panda's Thumb

  • Peirce's trichotomous classification placed Sciences of

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • Perhaps the best known of all trichotomous con - ceptualizations of class structure is the one Aristotle described in his Politics (Book IV, Ch. XI, 1295b): “In every city the people are divided into three sorts; the very rich, the very poor, and those who are between them.”


  • For Marx, a dichotomous scheme is still dominant, and the trichotomous division is seen as a deviation which is “by its very nature” only tem - porary.


  • Sometimes, as in the final, uncompleted chapter of Das Kapital (1867-95) which represents his most self-conscious effort to present a theory of strati - fication, Marx adopted the trichotomous functional scheme of Adam Smith, e.g.: “the owners merely of labor-power, owners of capital, and landowners, whose respective sources of income are wages, profit, and ground-rent ...”


  • For Marx, in contrast, and though he also at times used the trichotomous scheme of the political economists, the two fundamentally opposed classes are the basic classes; the middle class is less enduring and less stable.


  • Nations (1776), introduced a new trichotomous scheme referring to economic functions.



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